Clean Urban Environment and Constitutional Status to RWAs, the focus of CoRWA Five-Year Roadmap

CoRWA Executive Committee Meetng

Decides to restructure body with increased zonal representation

Engendering clean environs, with a focus on increasing the participation of RWAs in effective solid waste management, steps to accord constitutional status to RWAs and monitoring the implementation of RERA in states, are some of the focus areas that the Confederation of Resident Welfare Associations (CoRWA), has set for itself in its Five-Year Roadmap.

A special Executive Committee Meeting of the CoRWA held in Mumbai last week, also agreed to a proposal to restructure the CoRWA to put in place a smaller and compact central body and more active Zonal bodies.

Accordingly, the following five Zones with the corresponding Zonal Coordinators are proposed:

  1. North Zone: Col. Tejendra Pal Tyagi, Vir Chakra
  2. South Zone: Sri M.S.Venugopal
  3. Central Zone: Sri.B.T.Srinivasan
  4. East Zone: Dr.K.S.R.Murthy
  5. West Zone: CA Ramesh Prabhu

Col. T.P. Tyagi, Convener, CoRWA chaired the meeting which focused mainly on the Five Year Roadmap and restructuring.

CoRWA EC Meeting
The CoRWA Executive Committee Decided to Strengthen the Zonal Structure of the Body

Raising concern on the rapidly deteriorating urban environments, the members felt solid waste management was the key since it has become alarming. Various mitigation models along with awareness campaigns were discussed.

The Executive Committee also decided to set up a National Experts Panel to effectively deal with all aspects of RWA issues apart from functioning as a guidance force for Zonal Bodies. Accrodingly,

Members present unanimously agreed that CoRWA should have a National Expert Panel to effectively deal all aspects of the RWA Mission as well as to guide the Zonal Bodies. The following tentative areas and the corresponding experts were identified:

  • RWA Mission over all expertise:                                         Dr.Rao VB Chelikani
  • Swachh Bharat – pollution control & mitigation        Col.T.P.Tyagi,Vir Chakra
  • RERA- Effective implementation:                                      Sri B T Srinivasan
  • Solid Waste Management                                                      Major Shiv Kiran
  • Housing Society related Issues                                           CA Ramesh Prabhu
  • RTI and related Issues                                                              Sri V Venkateswara Rao
  • Disaster Management and role of RWAs                     Dr.K.S.R.Murthy
  • Legal issues related to RWA activity                               Sri JMS Nagarjunan

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