Greener Interior, Greener India, An Appeal to RWAs

Green colony

Greener Interior: Greener India :: An Appeal

It is urgent that we now vote for a Greener India and thereby for a better quality of life in India. As Resident Welfare Associations we want to see by the end of the rainy season that there is a beautiful and lush green plant in each room in our houses, in our schools, in our offices, in our shops and in our eateries – at the windows, desks and counters, hanging plants in the corridors and halls, roof gardens, vegetable gardens, and creepers on the compound walls. Especially, the senior citizens and women would feel the smoothening effect if they nurture them. The children would learn the secrets of nature. There will be less of aggressivity in human relations. The RWA managers should suggest to the residents, where they can procure these specific plants either from the local officers of Horticulture or from the nearby nurseries. Procuring oneself a plant from the nearby nursery would not only create employment for our brethren but also, it would not cost anything to the society. Further, you can consult some on-line nurseries like on websites for desired photos, names, prices and for delivery. Our RWAs should be at the forefront to see that more plants absorb the carbon dioxide that we produce and other poisonous gases in the air and give us more oxygen in return. Let us take the habit of gifting beautiful plants to each other, rains or no rains. The best house or flat or the best shop or school or office in the area could be adjudged by the local senior citizens association and be suitably appreciated and awarded at the annual general body meeting of the RWA.

The latest 15th August has been one of such occasions to re-launch this initiative, as well as to re-affirm our 20-point RWA Swatch Bharat Charter. The Charter is already published in one of the Tarnaka Times this year. And it can be sent to you, once again, if you need it. The flag hoisting should be done by those who are locally fighting to free us from the pollutions, such as the street-sweepers, sewage-cleaners, domestic helper, health, food and sanitation inspectors, scientists, nursery owners, entrepreneurs and salespersons. Some of the activities, carried out by the RWAs and the senior citizens associations on the Day of our Independence are reported in the following columns of Tarnaka Times. Since every month, we have some national or international Day or other to observe, let us use all such occasions to make Greener India a permanent programme till we reach the targets. The Coming 5th August, the Teachers’ Day could be one such occasion.  Please share the news of your activities with us.

Rao V.B.J. Chelikani