Indian Railways facilities for senior citizens

  1. As per the rules, male senior citizens (minimum age of 60 years) and lady senior citizens (minimum age of 58 years) will get concessions up to 40% and 50% respectively on their base fare of all classes like mail/express/Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duronto group of trains. No proof of age is required at the time of purchasing tickets however, they are required to carry some documentary proof.
  2. There are also provision in the Passenger Reservation System (PRS), to automatically allot lower berths to Senior Citizens and female passengers of over 45 years of age. In all trains, a combined quota of six lower berths per coach in Sleeper class and 3 lower berths per coach in AC 3 tier and AC-2 tier has been earmarked for senior citizens, female passengers of 45 years age and above and also pregnant women.
  3. Apart from this, provision for Wheelchairs at stations and for separate counters at PRS centers are also available for Senior Citizens.
  4. However, now users are allowed to book up to 12 tickets in a month, if users get themselves verified through their Aadhaar number along with at least one passenger also being verified through  Aadhaar. At the same time, no Aadhaar identification will be needed for booking up to six tickets in a month – it will continue to remain same.
  5. Thus, to avail this benefit, here’s how a senior citizen can link their Aadhaar number with IRCTC.
  6. Login using your IRCTC User ID and Password on IRCTC eTicketing website.
  7. Click “Master List” link under “My Profile” menu
  8. While adding new senior citizen passengers in the Master list, provide correct and complete details i.e. Name, Date of Birth, Gender as mentioned in the Aadhaar Card. Thereafter, select Senior Citizen concession option as Yes/No, ID card type as Aadhaar ID and provide Aadhaar number.
  9. Ensure that correct details as per Aadhaar Card have been submitted.
  10. Click on “Add Passenger” button to Add Senior Citizen passenger and authenticate Aadhaar details.
  11. Passengers will be added in the Master list with Verification Status as “Pending”.
  12. To check the verification status of Aadhaar details, use “Click here to check pending Aadhaar verification status” option provided in the section
  13. Verification status of Senior Citizen passengers who have authenticated their Aadhaar details successfully will be “Verified” and for failed authentications verification status will “Not Verified”.
  14. Senior Citizen passengers already available in the Master list without Aadhaar verification can also be verified by using “Edit” option and submitting complete details including Aadhaar number.
  15. Steps to Select Aadhaar verified Senior Citizen passengers during Ticketing Booking:
  16. After successful verification of Aadhaar details, Senior Citizen passengers can be selected from Master List and added to the Passenger Details while booking ticket.
  17. To add Aadhaar verified Senior Citizen passengers in the Passenger details page, use “Select Passenger From Your Master List” link. A pop up with complete details of Passengers in the Master List will be displayed. Passengers selected from this page will be added to the Passenger entry form.