Tarnaka Civil Society Organizes Dialogue to Commemorate Doctor’s Day

Doctor's Day

Experts empahsise on healthy societal relations and psychological well being of senior citizens for better health on Doctor’s Day

The Standing Committee of Tarnaka Residents Welfare Associations (SCOTRWA) and the Forum for Senior Citizens of Tarnaka (FSCT), organized a dialogue between eminent doctors in the neighbourhood and citizens to mark National Doctor’s Day on Sunday, July 1, 2018.

Sri. B Om Prakash, Secretary, FSCT welcomed the gathering the to the event which is well into its 12 edition this year.

Providing the context to the event, SCOWTRA General Secretary, Sri N S Prasad said the organisation has been celebrating Doctor’s Day for several years now to commemorate the birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Dr B C Roy who was also the second Chief Minister of West Bengal post-independence.

A frequent dialogue of this kind was necessary to keep everybody abreast of developments and in fact SCOWTRA had been emphasising on a Community Hospital and Diagnostic Centre for the area for some time.

Subsequently eminent doctors from the area Dr Vittal Rao and well-known gynaecologist Dr P Padmavathy were honoured by SCOWTRA President  Prof. T Tirupati Rao and Mr Gururaja Rao to mark the day.

Earlier addressing the gathering Dr Vittal Rao said the medical professionals had undergone tremendous attitudinal changes over the years the same as patients whose approach to disease too had undergone a change.

Senior citizens were particularly at risk of new-age lifestyle disease which are more a result of societal and psychological issues arising out of generational gaps and treatment meted out by children to them, he observed. There was a need to focus on school education to address this issue and changing the attitude towards senior citizens, he felt.

Sharing some useful insights into maintaining one’s health, Dr Vittal Rao highlighted what he called the DIET Formula emphasising on Discipline and Self Control in food habits, Introspection on what needs to be consumed, Exercise to consume what one eats and timely Testing to ensure all health parametres were in check.

Concurring with Dr Vittal Rao, Dr B Padmavathy, Gynaecologist, felt the health profession had become commercial to a large extent even though, as in her own working with a service mindset in a small hospital was more satisfying.  A patient-doctor relationship is an emotional one, particularly for a woman who has conceived where the relationship goes beyond a mere patient-doctor relationship and latter plays a role next only to a mother, Dr Padmavathy said. It is an emotional attachment which the doctor cherishes, she added.

Thereafter participants in the dialogue engaged in an interaction with the doctors.

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