Thought leadership from the 7th NCRWA

A Brief Report on the 7th NCRWA

7th NCRWA Inaugural SessionRWAs Demand Constitutional Recognition and Rights

By Col. Tejendra Pal Tyagi, Veer Chakra 
The 7th National Conference of Resident Welfare Associations (NCRWA), was held on November 16-17 at the Andhra Association, Lodhi Institutional Area, New Delhi. The two-day conference which was attended by over 357 delegates from across the country was inaugurated by Hon’ble Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha Shri Vijay Goel ji and Joint Secretary of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs Smt. D Thara.  –  Read Full Report 

Thought Leadership from the 7th NCRWA

We present here insights and thought leadership from the Conference in a serialised manner for the benefit of the readers of Tarnaka Times. Please click on the headline of the article to see a summary of the articles that appeared in the souvenir publised on the ocassion. 

Batch 1 Articles

4th Tier of GovernanceBy Dr Rao VB Chelikani

In addition to those who are elected once in five years, there is a need and scope for all the residents to participate in the governance in all aspects and at all levels. There is a strong aspiration of the modern citizen seeking more empowerment, and further democratization of the society in all its aspects. To meet the aspirations of the citizens for more democracy, we should wish that governance should occur at a still lower level and closer to the people.  Read Full Article 


By Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi, Veer Chakra

The Confederation of RWAs (CoRWA), demands that it should be mandatory for every ULB (Urban Local Body) to publish the “Service Level Bench Marks” in local newspapers. RWAs should be invited to confirm the reality on ground before the performance grant is released. Read Full Article

Urban Floods

By B T Srinivasan 

There is much to learn from the recent floods across Indian cities to mitigate the impact of global warming and imperfect urban planning.  Read Full Article

Water conservation

By Dr.K.S.R.Murthy

Rapid growth in irrigation, urbanisation and industrialisation has put enormous stress on one of the vital components of life – water. The cumulative impact of the increased use of this precious natural resource has led to scarcity in many regions of the country. RWAs can help in a major way to address this issue and contribute their mite to solving it. Read Full Article 

Batch 2 Articles

Water conservationWater is important for every citizen. There are two aspects of water – one is natural water from rivers and dams and the second is rain water. Of late as a result of scanty rainfall many places are facing drought.  Read Full Article

footpath encroachments

The Law Enforcement Agencies having been lackadaisical in their approach to safeguard the interests of commuters over decades, the vendors with the assistance of local politicians and other interests are certain to continue to hold sway over the platforms, thus forcing the pedestrians to walk on the roads risking their very lives. Read Full Article

Global warmingWe have to appreciate that global warming, indiscriminate felling of threes, uncontrolled urbanization, emission of greenhouse gases, melting of glaciers are all posing serious threat to our planet and our very existence. Read Full Article

Land FillThe focus of all landfill management has been to spend crores of rupees to cover it up or reduce its height. Nothing is done to tackle the polluting gases or groundwater contaminating leachate resulting from these landfills. Read Full Article

Batch 3 Articles

Over exploitation in the name of development has disturbed nature around us. We have forgotten that we, in our greed are exploiting the limited natural resources which we are to share with the plant and animal kingdom, and have taken it for granted for far too long.  – Read Full Article

Neknampur Lake

World over many decentralized systems of lake management by communities can be observed.  Water bodies in the community enhance its beauty with pristine and healthy lakes making life around the community green, fun, sustainable and scenic. – Read Full Article

This list is meant as a starter for those wishing to Save Water in line with the government’s policies. Its efficacy depends largely on how responsible and responsive citizens in RWAs are to the growing water crises plaguing our cities.  – Read Full Article

India is the biggest user of groundwater. It extracts more groundwater than China and the US, among the biggest users of groundwater, put together. Notsurprisingly, despite copious rains it still sees rampant water shortages. – Read Full Article