Voter Awareness Campaign by UFERWAS

In the recent elections to the Telangana State Assembly, capital city Hyderabad recorded the lowest turnout at just 50% of the electorate.

While this was attributed to voter apathy to a great extent, others pointed out to the widespread instances of missing names in the voter lists.

Given that the General Elections are just 10 days away, the United Federation of Resident Welfare Associations (U-FERWAS) has joined hands with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to improve polling percentages in the city.

Towards this, the apex RWA body is conducting a Voter Awareness Campaign that last up to a day before the voting day till April 10, 2019.

As responsible citizens, it is our beholden duty to cast the vote and exercise our franchise by resolving to be present at the voting booth on the day of the poll on April 11, 2019.

Further, to avoid last minute disappointment, it is important to ensure our name is present on the electoral rolls. Now with modern day facilities, it is much easier to check online.

As a further good measure, one must ensure proper identification is available, either the voter ID card or any of the other numerous identification cards that are accepted by the electoral authorities.

We are herewith sharing one PowerPoint Presentation & some slides to make it easier for you to check if your name is there on the voter’ss list.

U-FERWAS, request you to circulate the information shared to your known people and groups.

United Federation of Resident Welfare Associations


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